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Lawyers for the everyday person

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Lawyers, the very term sends shivers up most people’s spines, no-one likes to be on the wrong side of the law, or paying the prices of some of the prestigious law firms. Across the world there is no shortage of lawyers and no shortage of crime to keep them in business!

Whilst some crimes are far from the average persons thoughts, there are a few that can be achieved fairly incidentally. Drink while intoxicated is one of the easiest for any of us to do, it may be obvious that you are over the limit and shouldn’t be behind the wheel, but what if you have only had one or it is the morning after? Then, it is quite possible that you are driving, over the limit, and not even aware of it. It is one of the most common crimes in America.

In common with many states, Louisiana is very tough on driving under the influence, the punishment can range from community service, loss of licence or even imprisonment, obviously the punishment becomes more severe the more times you commit the offence!

So, once caught, are you powerless to stop the cogs of enforcement? Well, if you are in this neck of the woods, the services of the CPRS New Orleans DWI Lawyer will be indispensable. They are experts in the field of DUI / DWI and will defend your case passionately and vigorously. Their goal is to give you an advantage and the best possible result. Without doubt a CPRS New Orleans DWI Lawyer, with their impressive knowledge and legal network will get you a better result than you had hoped for.

While nobody would want to be in this situation, because so many fall into by accident, the CPRS Legal Network have a vast amount of experience dealing with it, and, more importantly, understand you are an individual, with your own set of circumstances, not a criminal mastermind!

John Fox and Associates Attorneys


Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, John Fox & Associates Attorneys  specialize in workers’ compensation and personal injury claims.

For claims that will go through Louisiana courts, John Fox and Associates can help individuals that are owed compensation from accidents that have happened at work. These injuries must have occurred either in the state, or if the injury occurred outside of Louisiana the employee must have been hired in the state. They can also represent bodily injury claims like motor vehicle accidents. As with all claims, the client must be able to prove that their injury was caused by the negligence of the employer or another party.
People that have been unfortunately injured on the job will find it difficult to claim what they are owed on their own. Insurance companies will do unnecessary things and calculate amounts wrong in a way that will benefit them. When making a personal injury claim for compensation, it is important to select an experienced attorney as it can affect the success or failure of your claim as well as the amount of compensation. At John Fox and Associates, they only take a fee from clients if they win a case. This will normally be 20% of the compensation amount won.
John B. Fox has been practicing law for over 36 years and specializing in workers’ compensation law for more than 20 years.
Robert W. Booksh Jr. has been practicing personal injury law for 35 years and workers’ compensation for over 20 years.
Randall C. Joy has practiced workers’ compensation law for more than 6 years.
All of the attorneys at John Fox and Associates have a lot of experience and are professionals at what they do. If you are justly due compensation, they will be the ones to get it for you.

How Wrongful Death Lawsuit Plaintiffs Can Get a Lawsuit Loan?

money for lawsuits

No-Risk Lawsuit Funding for Wrongful Death Lawsuits Plaintiffs.

Litigation financing or wrongful death lawsuit loan may be a cash loan offered towards the plaintiffs also before their lawsuit is resolved. Litigation funding allows plaintiffs in lawsuits to get years or money cash weeks prior to the negotiation of the circumstances.

What’s Case Loan?

Lawsuit financing or lawsuit loan is just a low-option cash loan offered to plaintiff and it is repaid to settlement loan financing organization only when plaintiff forms or wins the suit. The mortgage is never repaid towards the loan financing organization when the plaintiff loses the lawsuit. It’s often also known as as Suit funding Suit advance funding, Negotiation mortgage, Legitimate cash advance and Lawsuit funding.

What’s a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A wrongful death suit states the target was killed consequently of negligence (or other kind of illegal action) about the area of the individual or organization being charged, which the children of target have entitlement to economic damages consequently of the neglect, carelessness, malpractice, inaction or inappropriate conduct by defendant.

Common Reasons For Wrongful Deaths:

Numerous type of situations results in unjustifiable death on most patients. These include:

A. 000 people, vehicular accidents: Nearly fifty die each year in vehicular accidents. B. Medical Malpractice – approximately 98,000 Americans die every year because of preventable medical errors (including 7,000 deaths due to medication errors). C. Visiting or focusing on dangerous locations – you will find over 20,000 slide-and-drop deaths each year. Almost 6,000 die every year because of incidents at their workplace. D. Dog attacks. E. Use of defective products.

The wrongful death of a family member is definitely the heart. A quick death that is unfair may cause considerable unexpected economic issues for household members. Children suffer substantial psychological individual and economic losses. Along with dropping friendship and the love of the dead person because of illegal death, the children drop the revenue of other financial benefits along with the dead individual towards the family, which frequently results in main economic challenges.

David vs. Goliath:

Mainly their insurance providers as well as the wrongful death suit defendants are represented claims adjusters and by legal professionals with decades of expertise in only this section of law. Wrongful death lawsuits are extremely complicated mainly get additional time to solve and to deal with. Lawyers of defendants will have the ability to wait suit judgment for decades. Using the aid of skilled procedures and adroit moves, they irritate the wrongful death lawsuits plaintiffs and are able to hinder the improvement of suit.

A popular saying is – Great people don’t require laws to inform them to do something with duty while poor people will discover a means round the laws.